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What Is Pillow Packaging, And How It Can Help You

Customer is always looking forward to new packaging designs that appease their eyes. But it is not as easy as it sounds to bring new packaging to the market now and then. Most companies use new packaging designs on special occasions or essential birthdays; silver or golden jubilee.

And so, many new startups feel a little hesitant because they feel like every existing packaging is already on the market. Yes, it might be accurate, but not every company plays with packaging ideas and designs. One such example is the use of pillow packaging.

Pillow packaging may sound related to the pillows we sleep on at night, but it is not valid. It is one of the ways through which you can overcome challenges in the packaging industry.

What Exactly Is Pillow Packaging And What Is It Made Of?

Pillow packaging looks like a pillow, but it does not always contain a pillow inside it. Most pillowcases are not shaped like pillows. It can be made of any material and is not limited to just one industry.

Cardboard and kraft paper can both be used to manufacture pillow packaging. Depending upon the material and its benefits, one can choose which material to use for pillow packaging. Following are the few essential materials used in custom pillow packaging:

  • Kraft Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Corrugated
  • Cardstock

If you are a small business that just started, you may want to use a material that costs less and helps you save money. But another essential fact to remember is the type of product you manufacture and the protection it needs. If it is as simple as soap, you may use any of the materials mentioned above.

But if you’re manufacturing a little heavy or fragile product, you need to look at all the possible factors of packaging material before choosing to package your products.

Factors To Look For In A Packaging Material

Following are the few factors you need to look for while choosing a packaging material:


Look for the material’s sturdiness. See if the package can hold the product without damaging itself and how long it can travel without any effects. It may cost you a little more than expected, but to keep your high-end product safe, you need to look for sturdy material.

It is Cose-Effective

As mentioned above, look at the cost of purchase you are spending on the boxes when creating pillow box packaging. If it is more than the production of the product, then you may be going a little overboard with it. Try looking for customarily priced packaging that can easily protect your product.

Look at the shipping cost of the packaging material you will be bringing and then decide whether you want to keep it or not.

Is It Safe For Travelling

You need to think about a few points. Is the package strong enough to travel with your product to a different location? Can it keep the product safe in harsh weather? Sometimes water damages the cardboard and, ultimately, the outcome. Therefore, you must ensure that the packaging keeps your product safe. 

Which Industries Can Use Pillow Packaging?

Pillow packaging can be used in many industries. For instance, many companies wrap their soaps in paper in the middle.

Soap Manufacturers

But if you are a soap manufacturing company, you can use pillow packaging to create a unique impression on the customers in the market. PIllow packaging can secure soaps quickly in the pillow packaging and also, and they will make a shelf impact on the customers.

Cosmetic Industry

Pillow packaging boxes can be used in the cosmetic industry as well. To add uniqueness to the market, many cosmetic brands use pillow boxes. Customers like to buy packaging that looks different and unique.

Medical Industry

Pillow packaging is also used in medicine. These packages used in medicine are coated with aluminum to increase the life cycle of the box and t protect the treatment inside it.

Food Industry

Many candies and chocolates are packaged in pillow packaging to give them a unique identity. Brands these days know the importance of gaining customers’ attention. This is why they use innovative packaging ideas like pillow packaging.

How To Use Pillow Packaging As Gift Boxes

In Europe, there is a tradition of giving chocolates and candies as gifts. This is where you can attract customers by manufacturing customized pillow packaging as gift boxes. These gift boxes can be decorated with different styles and techniques used in printing.

Now that you have decided to use pillow packaging for a product, think of different designs. Do not go with the first design that comes to your mind. Keep brainstorming for ideas, and do not stop until you have found the right strategy.

Things To Consider When Looking For A Packaging Company

As a startup, you may not know what things to consider while you are looking for a packaging company, but here are a few pointers to note:

What Is Your Budget?

When you are looking for a packaging company, make sure to keep your budget in mind. Many packaging companies cost tons of money, but you may find the right company with a bit of searching.

What Is The Material Of Their Packaging?

The packaging material is the most important thing because it has to keep the product safe. When looking for a packaging company, see what kind of material they use in packaging.

Which Material Are They Supplying?

Are they working only on kraft paper, or can they also package a product in cardstock? You might not always use the same packaging material for every product. That is why you must look for packaging companies that can provide you with multiple options for packaging material.

What Is Their Experience In Design?

Whether or not you plan for customised packaging, always look at what they can offer in design. Sometimes, it is good to add a little innovation in design on some special occasion, and it might not always be the case that your ideas work. This is why you need a packaging company that can provide you with good design ideas.

By working together on designs, you can come up with beautiful ideas. Customers will love to buy your products if they are packaged well. Do a little digging and see how many years of business experience they have. Experience in packaging is essential because it will help you build trust in the company. To make sure your product is safely reaching the customers, you need to have sturdy packaging.

How Much Is The Delivery Cost?

Calculating the cost of everything in business is very important. You need to look for ways to save money by calculating how much you will be spending on transport.

Find a packaging company near your warehouse so you can reduce the cost of transportation.


To sum it up, by following the steps mentioned above, you can always create innovation in packaging and find the best packaging company that provides wholesale pillow boxes.


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