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How to Invent an Invent Idea

Invent Ideas are ideas that started as dreams and evolved into a patentable product. Many people have a problem that they want to solve, and they would be willing to pay for your solution. The first step in bringing your idea to life is to gather information about your target market. While there are many people who have a problem that you could solve, some would simply not want to spend the time and money to find a solution.

Invent Idea began as a dream

Some of the most innovative inventions in history were born from a dream. The sewing machine, for instance, was created by Elias Howe. In a dream, he imagined cannibals preparing to eat him. The cannibal spear had a hole at the sharp end, so Howe used his imagination to pass thread through the point of the needle. The invention transformed the way clothing was manufactured for centuries.

Invent Idea is a patent

If your invention involves plant extracts, it probably is an invention. These substances contain powerful antioxidants and can reverse heart disease and cancer. However, it is likely not a patent-worthy invention unless it can be used to treat heart disease or cancer. Before filing for a patent, you should define the scope of your invention. Your invention must be “novel,” meaning that it must be completely new. This is easier said than done, however.

Invent Idea is a solution to a problem

To come up with a good idea for an invention, you must first consider the problem or issue you’d like to solve. This problem can be serious or silly, a new product or service, or something that would make life easier. The best way to find the problem is to study existing solutions. Take a few minutes to think about what they do and don’t do well. Then you can focus on making improvements.

To find a problem, look for an existing product or a similar idea. The inventor of the KwickScreen, for example, needed a folding screen that could be used in hospitals and other places. He got inspiration for his invention by studying rolled curtains and roller banners. Then he developed a device that allows the user to fold the screen into itself. The next step is to research the problem and make sure that the idea is viable.

Invent Idea is a product

Getting attention from people who use social media can help you get the attention of your target market. Try setting up a business page on Facebook and set up personal pages for your invention idea as well. Make sure you create a clear and concise title for each social media account. You should also set up profiles on Twitter and LinkedIn with your invention’s name. These are important platforms for many professionals. Creating a business page on Facebook is not enough.

Invent Idea is a service

InventHelp is a company that helps keen inventors bring their ideas to life. Founded in 1984, InventHelp is an inventor’s dream company that has helped thousands of people realize their dream of making a living from their ideas. Susa understands the dedication and leap of faith it takes to bring an idea to life, so she created a company that would help other creative minds succeed. This company is now the leading provider of inventor services.


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