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New Invention Ideas

When looking for new invention ideas, you must first do a thorough market research. This means obtaining advice from experts, such as mechanics or electrical engineers. In the case of a more complex invention, you should also consult a marketer or manufacturer to determine the viability of the product. Performing this research can help you identify the market niche for your invention and make a viable product. Listed below are a few tips for making a new invention:
Simple invention ideas

There are dozens of ways to generate new invention ideas. Simply by looking at things around you and identifying problems, you can get at least a hundred new ideas for new inventions. Using these techniques is not difficult, and starting with two simple ones will yield you dozens of new inventions. You can also use a combination of different techniques to come up with new invention ideas. Here are three of the most simple invention ideas:

Borrowing from other areas. If you hate drinking hot coffee, you may want a cup with a built-in thermometer or a cooling device. Or you may want to make your cup and lid nonstick so food doesn’t stick to it. Perhaps your cup or bowl has a Teflon-like coating that prevents plaque and bacteria from sticking to it. Whatever your idea, you are bound to come up with a simple invention that will help the people around you.
Identifying a market gap

The most important step in developing new invention ideas is identifying a market need. If there’s a market need for your product, people will purchase it. If there isn’t, you’re out of luck. The most common reason that new businesses fail is that there isn’t a need for the product. To overcome this hurdle, you must first identify a gap in the market, and then prove that it actually exists.
Creating 3D models

Creating 3D models for new invention ideas is a highly effective means of prototyping and proving the functional feasibility of your product. These models also make it easier to get manufacturer input and minimize risk by allowing you to see your final product before you create the prototype. In addition, 3D models also help you save money since they prevent you from wasting money on a bad idea. If you already have several projects in mind, 3D models will make your job a lot simpler.

Creating 3D models for new invention ideas is also easier than ever before, and is now affordable for almost anyone. Even kids can access these tools at local libraries. Before, only large businesses and universities could afford 3D modeling software. Solid modeling software allows designers to monitor design choices, and create an accurate 3D model of their product. Whether your invention is for commercial use, or a personal use, 3D models make the process easier and cheaper.
Finding a manufacturer

There are many ways to find a manufacturer for your new invention ideas. A simple search engine will bring up results for contract manufacturing companies. You can use industry-specific terms related to your product in the search bar. You can also check out your local library or the Internet to find lists of manufacturers by NAICS code. If your idea is for a product that is already on the market, you may want to contact the manufacturer directly.

A large, well-known brand that accepts new inventions is Under Armour. This sports apparel manufacturer specializes in athletic apparel, and regularly accepts new inventions. Its website features a detailed guide for submitting your ideas, and the company filters out those that are not applicable to its products. Another company that actively looks for new invention ideas is Oxo, a manufacturer of office supplies, housewares, and kitchen gadgets. Both companies are based in New York and accept submissions worldwide.
Protecting your invention from being ripped off

It’s not impossible to prevent someone from your invention. However, the chances of this happening are very slim. Therefore, it’s important to take steps to protect your invention and keep it safe from thieves. If you’re considering pitching your invention, here are some tips for you. Never go into a relationship based solely on trust. Instead, consider strategies that protect your invention from infringement and ensure that you never have to worry about your idea being stolen.

First, sign an NDA. This type of contract is also called a “confidentiality agreement.” This document is important because it protects your invention from being stolen by others. You must sign this contract before sharing your invention’s details to anyone else, including potential investors.

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