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2024 Aluminum Rod

2024 aluminum rod is made of pure aluminum and is often used in aerospace applications. Its properties include high tensile strength, good machinability, and fatigue resistance. In addition, it is lightweight. In fact, it is a popular choice for wing tension members, shear webs, and other structural areas.
High tensile strength

2024 aluminum rods are made from an alloy of aluminum and copper. This alloy is known for its high tensile strength and good machinability. In addition, it has good surface finish capabilities. Moreover, it is corrosion resistant. It is used for various structural applications, including aircraft fittings and fastening devices.
Good machinability

Good machinability and corrosion resistance make aluminum 2024 an excellent material for structural components. These alloys are widely used in aircraft, automotive parts, and other applications that require high strength and fatigue resistance. They are not recommended for welding, but have good machinability, making them a great choice for CNC machining.
Good fatigue resistance

Aluminum extrusion 2024 is a high-strength aluminum alloy that has good fatigue resistance. Its yield strength, ultimate strength, and cyclic fatigue resistance make it ideal for structural applications. This alloy also has good workability and machining properties. It is often used for fasteners and structural areas.
Light weight

2024 aluminum rod is a light-weight alloy of aluminum. Its high strength and corrosion resistance makes it a useful material for various structural applications. It is a versatile material that can be machined easily and has a decent workability. The alloy is used to make airplane parts, large hydraulic manifolds, and other components.
Suitable for marine and aerospace applications

2024 aluminum rod is used in marine and aerospace applications because of its excellent corrosion resistance and workability. It contains approximately 99% aluminium and is suited to a range of temperatures, including extremely low temperatures. The metal is also resistant to oxidation and rust. The alloy also offers high fatigue strength and is excellent for marine and aerospace applications.

The alloy 2024 is one of the strongest aluminum alloys. However, it has limited corrosion resistance. It is available in a wide variety of forms, including rod stock, full size bars, and custom cut lengths.


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