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What Is a Metal Spinning Lathe?

A metal spinning lathe is an important piece of metalworking equipment, which is intended for the process of forming sheet metal. The process involves rotating a block towards the spinning tool, which is made of a harder material than the block. The rotation of the block and the mutual frequency of the tool cause the block to deform. The process can be used to create complicated shapes and is in high demand in manufacturing industries. This type of machine produces durable parts that are free from seams.

The metal spinning process starts by mounting a block on the drive section of a lathe. A pre-sized disk-shaped metal piece is clamped against a pressure pad and rotated at high speed. The resulting concentrated force exerted on the workpiece turns it into the desired shape. Some workpieces are removed from the block, while others are channeled to multi-piece blocks. Larger wooden chucks can be as large as five feet in diameter.

Typically, a metal spinning lathe consists of a spherical shell and a wood block that holds the sheet metal blank in its spinning form. These blocks are made to fit the shape of the work. The size of the follower must be appropriate for the size and shape of the work. For example, a 12 inch shell would require a follower that is 11 3/4 inches in diameter, while a four-inch shell would require a follower that is three and a half inches thick.

When choosing a metal for spinning, you must consider its hardness and ductility. Copper and brass are both harder than other metals and require a greater level of pressure to form them. These metals should be chosen carefully, as they require special handling techniques. Copper is considered the best choice for beginners, as it is both tenacious and ductile and can withstand much abuse on the lathe and fire.

Another crucial component of a metal spinning lathe is the tail-center. Sometimes this is an ordinary dead center, but almost all spinners use a revolving center. The revolving center is about 3/4 inch in diameter without a taper, and is six inches long. This center consists of a steel socket that fits into the tailstock taper hole. It is also equipped with two steel buttons to reduce friction.

Metal spinning also involves deforming the workpiece by applying compressive and tensile forces to the spinning disc blank. This process produces various shapes without stripping the material. In some cases, the thickness of the original metal sheet is reduced. Because of this, it is crucial to control the thickness of the final product.

Metal spinning lathes are designed by manufacturers to process various metals and blank thicknesses. They are equipped with various tools and can handle a variety of tasks. Most of these machines can be used to cut, roll, and trim different metals.


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