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Addiction Treatment in Indianapolis

If you are suffering from substance abuse, you can find help for Addiction Treatment in Indianapolis. There are many options available to you, from rehab centers and outpatient care to residential treatment programs. The types of treatment you choose will depend on your needs. You may need to address your addiction through medications, group therapy, or individual therapy.

Addiction is a serious condition that affects nearly 21 million Americans. Often, a primary care physician can assess your needs. Your healthcare provider can then recommend a recovery program that fits your needs. Many of the programs will also offer counseling sessions.

One of the most common addictions is alcohol. In fact, nearly one in three adults in Indiana has used alcohol in the last month. Another drug of concern is opioids. People of all ages and ethnic backgrounds can suffer from opioid addiction. Opioid overdose deaths have skyrocketed in Indiana, and continue to rise.

Other drugs of concern include cocaine, fentanyl, and other designer drugs. These substances have risen dramatically in the past decade. With this, the number of people struggling with addiction in Indianapolis is on the rise. This can be an especially difficult time for family members. But there are many resources to help you and your loved ones get back on track.

Inpatient programs are often the best choice for those with a severe addiction. Those who have a co-occurring mental illness or other medical condition may also benefit from inpatient rehab. Some programs will provide medication-assisted treatment (MAT). MAT can make detoxing easier for you.

Outpatient programs are also a great option for patients who want to remain at home and maintain relationships. They are less intensive than inpatient programs, and may be offered at a hospital-affiliated clinic or in the community. Most programs will offer a range of treatment options, including evening or weekend programs. It’s important to keep in mind that you may have to wait for a rehab center that offers you what you need.

Several Indianapolis rehab centers specialize in different levels of treatment. For instance, the Indiana Center for Recovery provides luxurious accommodations and innovative treatment practices. Their clinical staff includes masters-level therapists. As part of their addiction treatment program, they offer screening, detox, and other therapies. Besides offering individualized care, they can also offer telehealth services.

Some programs focus on addiction prevention and education. Often, these programs will teach you about addiction and what to do if you suspect someone you love has a problem. At the same time, they will teach you what to do if you have an overdose or if you are having a mental health crisis. Depending on your needs, these programs will also provide you with the information you need to make good choices about your treatment.

Residential treatment is a great option for those who want to live in a separate environment for a period of time. A residential program allows you to focus on your recovery while staying in a structured, controlled environment. Depending on your recovery needs, you may need to stay in the program for several weeks or months.


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