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Maryland Fence Installation Requirements

Fence installation Washington DC are installed for a variety of reasons, ranging from adding privacy to delineating a particular use area. A well-constructed fence can also add to the aesthetic appeal of a property. However, before you decide to have a fence installed, you should be aware of the different requirements for obtaining a permit. This article outlines some of the state laws and requirements that you may need to follow before installing a fence in Maryland.

The requirements for a permit vary by local government. For example, in suburban areas, you may not need to apply for a permit if you are installing a fence behind your house, whereas in urban areas, you will need to have one if your new fence is located at the corner of your property.

To obtain a fence permit, you will need to complete an application that includes all the details. It is essential that you include the height of your fence on the application. In addition, you will need to submit a site plan with the location of the fence, as well as the type of fence. You will also need to include an access gate that is self-closing and equipped with a locking device.

You should be aware that fences cannot encroach into any woodland preservation areas. They cannot also encroach into any easements controlled by other agencies. Also, you should note that a fence that crosses a stream or swale must be raised to a height of at least six inches. If you have a swimming pool, you will need to install a barrier around the swimming pool. You will need to make sure that the gap between the pool and the barrier is no greater than four inches.

In the event that you have an existing fence, you should be aware that you will be inheriting it when you purchase your new home. Your property line and fence law will help you resolve any misunderstandings regarding your rights as an owner. As with any other land-use issue, the rules for your specific region will depend on local laws.

If you want to have a fence built on your property, you will need to have it inspected and approved by your local government. You will need to contact the local government office to get information on how to obtain a permit. Depending on the size and type of fence, you will need to follow the specifications of your local building codes.

Having a quality fencing installation can help you prevent damages and breakdowns. Furthermore, it can increase the value of your property. If you have a fence that is built incorrectly, you may end up with a drainage problem that can cause damage to your garden and lawn. Therefore, it is advisable to have your fence professionally installed to avoid a headache later on.

If you have any questions about the fence installation process, you can always contact Tri County Fence & Decks. They have been providing fence installation services to Maryland residents since 1996.


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