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Scaling Up a Solar Company

coffs harbour solar have a unique set of challenges as they seek to scale up and unlock long-term capital markets. The key is to forge sustainable growth strategies that attract the long-term capital needed for expansion without becoming overextended.

Building a sustainable business
Solar developers must also figure out how to generate reliable, stable cash flows over the life of their projects. This can be done through a combination of diversified growth strategies and managing currency exposure and trapped cash.

Unlocking long-term capital markets
Institutional investors and project developers both want a low cost of capital with dependable, sustainable cash flows. One solution has been to develop “YieldCos”—entities that buy completed solar plants and separate their balance sheets from the development company. The entities should focus on delivering high-quality, low-risk cash flows and should have a simple governance structure that provides an attractive home for institutional investors.

Creating value for customers
For solar companies, this can mean marketing both the benefits of switching to solar energy (saving money, protecting the environment and adding value to your home) as well as the specific value of their services. For example, a solar company can provide a 25-year warranty to protect against defects in the panels or system components.

Getting your solar system installed is a complicated process, so you want to make sure that you are dealing with a company that has a strong track record and high customer ratings. Look for reviews online and in local newspapers to see what people have to say about a solar company.


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