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Types of Attic Insulation

Fiberglass insulation company Palm City is a key part of making your home more energy efficient. It prevents heat loss during the winter and keeps cool air in during the summer.

There are many different types of attic insulation available to help you save energy and money. They all have different advantages and drawbacks, however, so you need to consider your own needs before selecting an attic insulation type.

Blown-in Insulation: This is the most common type of attic insulation. It consists of small particles of fiber, foam, or other materials that are blown into the attic cavity through a specialized machine.

Loose-fill Insulation: This is another popular choice of attic insulation. It consists of loose pieces of fiberglass, mineral wool, or cellulose that are blown into the attic cavity.

Batt Insulation: This is a blanket type of insulation that can be laid on top of or layered over other types of insulation. It is a great option for DIYers who want to save money and have the project done right the first time.

When laying batts, you need to make sure they are a uniform thickness throughout the attic. For this reason, you may want to screw depth guides to the joists throughout the attic.

Before you begin, check for any air leaks that might be letting in cold or hot air. Also, check for moisture or mold that might be growing under the old insulation. These could be a sign that you need to replace the material.


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