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Smoke Shop Buffalo NY

Smoke Shop Buffalo NY Providing you with the best in local tobacco, vapor and smoking accessories. The Oasis team has years of combined experience in the field and are always on hand to help you with your needs. They have an extensive selection of trusted brands and top quality products that include everything from premium water pipes to eliquids, hookahs, kratom and CBD. Their staff will be able to answer all of your questions and assist you with the latest in product trends.The Oasis shop also hosts a FREE 3 hour class, recommended for all retail staff who sell tobacco and vapor products. The course teaches the basics of the NYS Public Health Law, types of products and their effects on the health of the consumer. It covers topics such as signage requirements, proof of age, enforcement & penalties and advertising requirements. All employees who work at the point of sale must complete this class to receive a certificate.

Thank you for your business! We look forward to seeing you soon.

From all of us at Smoke Shop Buffalo NY, wishing you and yours a wonderful day!


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