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Auto Mechanic Jobs in Denton, TX

If you are an entry level auto mechanic looking for a career in Denton Texas, you have come to the right place. At Firestone Complete Denton Mechanic, you will be rewarded for your hard work with great benefits, such as healthcare resources like vision, dental, and medical insurance, paid medical maternity leave, an apprentice kit to help you get started in maintenance, and up to $3,000 of company-paid technician tool insurance.

Automotive Mechanic Training Programs in Denton, TX
As an automotive mechanic, you will diagnose and repair mechanical problems in automobiles and light trucks. You’ll use your specialized knowledge of engine, transmission, and brake systems to solve customer issues.

Aviation Mechanic Certification near Denton, TX
If you want to be an aircraft mechanic, you need an FAA aviation mechanic certificate (A&P). You can obtain either an airframe or power plant certificate and most aviation mechanics in Denton, TX earn both.

Mechanics must be detail-oriented and excellent record keepers. They also need to be able to perform complicated tasks without making any mistakes that could cause damage or injury to the pilot or passengers.

Aviation Mechanics Jobs in Denton, TX
You can find aviation mechanic careers as a freelance mechanic at an airfield near Denton, TX or with a corporate aviation department maintaining a fleet of aircraft. Or you can start as an aircraft inspector and move up to become an inspection authorization mechanic (IA), which gives you the authority to return an airplane to service after a certain type of thorough inspection.


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