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Oil Change Denton

Oil change Denton Your car’s engine depends on motor oil to lubricate crucial engine parts, reduce friction and keep your engine cool. This process protects the engine from overheating, corrosion and dirt buildup.

A full service oil change includes replacing your old filter and refilling your engine with new, clean motor oil. Our service specialists will determine which type of oil your Ford needs – conventional, semi-synthetic or fully synthetic – to best lubricate and protect your engine.

The proper oil and oil filters provide your vehicle with the optimal protection it needs against heat, rust and corrosion. Regular oil changes can extend the life of your engine.

Why Do I Need an Oil Change?
Like a tiny Tin Man, your car’s engine has lots of metal parts that need to be lubricated. That’s how you get it to run smoothly and efficiently.

When your oil is old or thin, it can’t do this lubrication job as well, which can lead to damage to the moving parts and overheating. That’s why it’s critical to have your engine serviced regularly by a trained technician.

If you live in or near Denton, Carrollton or Flower Mound, TX, and are in need of an oil change, we’re the place to come! Our technicians will help you pick the right type of oil for your car and recommend an interval that fits with your driving habits. You can even receive a free oil change when you join our Pep Boys loyalty program!


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