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Heady Glass

Heady Glass is one-of-a-kind, artistic glass pieces created by hand. They are a truly unique experience and are perfect for the collector looking to display their love of art and smoking.

Artists of Heady Glass Across The Country And World
Early American pipemakers like Bob Snodgrass, Banjo and Jerome Baker were the first to fuse glass and art, launching an entire industry of beautiful heady art. Today, the same skill and flair is being honed by artists across the world.

They are able to achieve such high quality because they are using the same techniques glassblowers have used for thousands of years. It takes time, skill and a whole lot of practice to master these techniques and create stunning heady glass designs.

The best heady glass is made with borosilicate, a glass that is a higher grade than the glass most people use in their everyday water pipes. This type of glass is strong and durable and is resistant to breakage.

Adding Color And Design
Many heady glass pipes add colorful designs to their pieces by using colored Boromax rods. This allows the pipe-maker to add a plethora of colors and patterns, making for a truly one-of-a-kind piece.

Some artists also incorporate traditional glass art methods, such as marbles or flowers, by fusing them into the piece. Some even create themed pipes that are modeled after popular franchises and concepts, such as Lee Machine’s Yoshi-based dab rigs.

The heady glass industry is thriving with new talent, and the popularity of these pieces has exploded in recent years. They are a true showpiece and a conversation starter, inspiring friends to come together for a sesh or two.


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