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Polyaspartic Garage Floors

Polyaspartic garage floors is a versatile and easy-to-use solution for residential garage floors. This patented concrete coating offers an array of benefits, including fast drying times and low VOC emissions.

Quick Drying Time – Unlike epoxy, polyaspartic dries much faster, giving you a smooth, professional finish in a matter of minutes. This makes it ideal for DIYers or those who are busy, as it will allow you to get back to your normal activities in less time.

Colorfast – With polyaspartic, the color will never fade or yellow over time, even after exposure to UV rays. This means your garage will look great for years to come!

Abrasion Resistant – This coating won’t chip or scratch, making it ideal for areas that see heavy traffic. This is especially useful in a garage that doubles as a workshop or a tool storage area.

High Chemical Resistance – This coating is highly resistant to harsh chemicals like bleach and is a good option for a garage that doubles as a car wash.

Flexibility – This coating is much more flexible than epoxy, so it won’t crack or break when hot tires are dropped on the surface. This is a plus for a garage with young children and pets or in areas where it’s hard to keep the floor clean.

Strong & Durable – This coating is ten times stronger than epoxy, making it an ideal choice for areas where heavy traffic or high impact is likely to occur.


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